Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Using Eclipse TPTP Tool for Application profiling

One of my web based application has some issues related to performance . So I thought of profiling my application.I searched for the tools available for this and found a lot of tools. After analysis i found that TPTP tools from eclipse is suitable for my use. I installed latest release of eclipse ie. Galelio and futher installed "Test & Performance" tools using "Install New Software " option of eclipse work bench.
After installation i followed the "Tutorials" for using TPTP which was simple. But i could not get the list of collector options in the profile window as mentioned in tutorial. Work Bench keep me showing message "Fetching children of...ector (33%)" and i could not get any collector option in my profile window for long time.

I searched a lot but could not find any solution which worked for me.Then i investigated further and came to know that there is a local agent with the name (ARCServer) which is responsible for showing this collector. I searched in the task manager but could not found any such task. Then i got suspicious that it may happen that it is getting blocked by my local firewall. I turned off the firewall and to my surprise profile window started showing collector option.

It worked one day but next day i again faced the same issue despite of turning firewall off, i could not see collector options. Then i again checked ARCServer process it was not running. Then i thought of checking used ports as i saw in the agent configuration that it runs on port 10002. (You can check it by going to window->preferences->Agent Controller->Hosts). I used netstat -anb command to check that. I found that on 10002 port some other service was running. Then i killed that process and started again profiling. This time it showed me the option and i could profile my application. I thought of sharing it to help people who are facing same issue.

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  1. Happy to go through your post on Profiling. I also need to profile one of my application and hopefully your inputs will help there.